Our mission to end the pandemic

Our mission is to protect human health from the world’s most dangerous and persistent infectious diseases. We will do whatever it takes, leveraging our next-generation vaccines and therapeutics to end the current COVID-19 pandemic and counteract future outbreaks..

We are Aegis

Aegis Life, Inc. is a next-generation biotechnology company revolutionizing the way we prevent and treat infectious diseases. The company was founded in early 2020 to combat COVID-19, but our roots go back to more than a decade of gene delivery research and development. With our breakthrough technology “Fusogenix”, we can rapidly develop vaccines and therapeutics to fight COVID-19 and other emerging contagions. We are actively building the industry’s leading genetic medicine platform that can accelerate the discovery, clinical development and manufacture of vaccines and therapeutics for infectious diseases.

Meet the Team


Fusogenix combines the best of both viral vector and Lipid Nano Particle (LNP) technologies to deliver genetic cargo or payloads into target cells with excellent tolerability based on animal studies. Fusogenix was developed by sister company, Entos Pharmaceuticals, to address the challenge of delivering genetic medicine inside human cells. With Fusogenix, we can quickly prototype nucleic acid-based vaccines and therapies and bring them into the clinic in record time to fight current and emerging contagions.

The potential of Fusogenix is endless. Unlike other gene delivery mechanisms which are limited to delivery of one payload type, Fusogenix can deliver any combination of RNA, DNA, peptides, proteins and even small molecules.

Ready to deliver

Aegis Life, Inc. aims to develop a safe and effective pan-coronavirus DNA vaccine and therapeutic in one year. At the onset of the global pandemic, Aegis launched a prototyping program to quickly study and screen 24 candidates for clinical development. In preclinical studies, two lead Fusogenix-based DNA vaccine candidates demonstrated high immunogenicity and efficacy. These candidates are currently being evaluated in SARS-CoV-2 animal challenge studies and will advance to human clinical trials during the summer of 2020.

The Fusogenix gene delivery technology enables rapid deployment and scaling of vaccine production for COVID-19. Aegis Life, Inc. is partnering with other institutions and companies to scale GMP-manufacturing capacity with the goal of providing hundreds of millions of doses of vaccine to patients.