Aegis Life, Inc. Continues Journey to End Pandemic with COVID-19 DNA Vaccines

Published by: Aegis Life

Watch recording of Propel(x) Presents: Path to a COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech SE prevented more than 90% of infections in a late-stage study, according to preliminary results.

Vaccine development in general on average takes 8-15 years. So even the talk about having a vaccine in the next 12-18 months since the pandemic started is breathtakingly optimistic.

Considering the challenges and complications around developing a coronavirus vaccine, when COVID-19 vaccine is finally ready, will the world be? How safe and efficient will this vaccine be?

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Watch this recorded event that took place on December 11, 2020, where we met panel experts to hear how the industry is trying to work towards a solution and achieve a shared global goal of identifying a potential cure for COVID-19.

Moderated by Hemai Parthasarathy from Breakout Ventures, speakers include John Lewis from University of Alberta/Entos Pharmaceuticals/Aegis LifeUna Ryan from Golden Seeds and Jenny Yip from Adjuvant Capital

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